Welcome to the E-learning Centre

We can help you to find courses, literature, information about study loans and other practical questions.

We offer free access to a comfortable study environment with Internet and what you need to follow Distance Education. The Learning Centre of Sölvesborg is situated in the Library.

In order to enrol to the Learning Centre, you have to be 18 years old and be enlisted at some kind of education for adults.

Recogniton of foreign qualifications»

Links to information in Swedish on how to translate documents»

How do I apply?

You apply directly to the Education Provider. When you have been enrolled for some kind of education you sign a contract with the Learning Centre in Sölvesborg. Then you will get a key and codes so that you can use the premicies from 7 a.m. to 11 p. m. all days. Link to contract »
Link to contract (in Swedish) »

What does it coast?

The service is free, however you have to deposit 50 kr for the key and pay for prints. University courses are free of charge in Sweden but you will have to pay for the literature and membership in the Students union. There are also other types of adult education. The costs may differ from 200 kr to more.

How do I find Courses and Programs?

Ask at the Library desk and we will help you. You can also use the links below.

More about the Learning Centre in Sölvesborg (in Swedish) »


Open University »

Komvux i Bromölla SFI (Swedish for immigrants) »

More links about SFI (Swedish for immigrants) »

Nätbildarna (only in Swedish) »

CSN, Financial aid for students »

MOOC - free online courses




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